Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The 2016 Hot Wheels Corvette Grand Sport is definitely the best-looking Regular Treasure Hunt in a long time...

Find the Corvette GS Reg TH at Wheel Collectors

Of course that is not saying much.

But before I open the floodgates of Regular TH-aimed vitriol, let me say once again that I like how Hot Wheels does the Regulars.  Keep 'em kid-aimed, keep the collectors away, and let the Supers be the focus for the diecast nerds.  I hope it stays that way.

But a little collector-aimed bone thrown our way isn't a bad thing.  The Fast Gassin' was probably the most collector-aimed regular in 2015, while the Subaru WRX STi took the prize in 2014.  The '71 El Camino too, although it was part of a very kid-aimed campaign.

Nonetheless, it has been awhile.  But this Corvette will definitely be gobbled up by the collectors.  It is just too good-looking.  Maybe we can leave a few for the kids, but something tells me that is not going to happen.

I have no idea if this means we will see more Regular TH's like this in 2016, so we will just wait and see.  For now this one it pretty darn cool.

(Find the Corvette GS Reg TH at Wheel Collectors)

Of course there is a Super in this batch as well.  I don't have it, but it is the Hudson Hornet, and darned if it doesn't look nice too:

And lastly, the Grand Sport isn't the only Corvette in the batch.  There is also a Then & Now pair, the '14 Stingray and the other Grand Sport.  It is nice to see the pair released together, instead of batches apart.  It makes sense for the buyer to see both.  And there is a good chance whoever sees these two will pick them up:

The cars of the Hot Wheels Convention, Part 1: The Datsun Wagon, Kool Kombi, & Dodge Power Wagon...

Find the LA Convention Models on ebay

So why do diecast nerds go to the convention?

There is a whole slew of reasons.  Some do go just to get the exclusives, and based on the six this year, their reasoning is definitely merited.  Some go to see old friends and make new ones.  Sounds contrived but I watch it happen all the time.  Some go to find the elusive unicorns they have been trying to find to fill in gaps in the collection.  Some go to make enormous deals.  I have seen five-figure deals done in rooms on more than one occasion.  Some definitely go to sell, sell, and sell.

Some even go for the Saturday presentation, and Mattel definitely didn't disappoint this time.

Whatever the reason, it is a major hustle and bustle the entire time.  Nights are late, mornings are early, rooms are a little too warm, and some collectors are a little too angry about the website.  But it is a hell of a lot of fun.

I will say that my experience at Nationals was a little more complete.  Mainly because that was the only thing to do in Lexington, but having to leave early to tend to a flooded basement could also be a major culprit.  So I feel like I didn't get the whole experience.

But I did get the models, and I can at least show them.

There were six Mattel-issued models, and most likely you have seen them all.  Three Convention Models - the Datsun 510 Wagon, Dodge Power Wagon, and Kool Kombi - plus a dinner model (Mercury Cougar), an RLC model (Bruiser Cruiser), and the finale (Dairy Delivery).

Some aren't up my ally, but it was truly a great batch of models.  Not surprisingly the 510 Wagon got the most attention, deservedly so considering it is such a hot model and it looked fantastic in its Mustang Boss-like deco.  But the others were no slouches.  The Power Wagon looked great in purple with a simple deco, and the SoCal-appropriate Kool Kombi was perfect as surf-mobile.

The other three, including one that I think may be the best model of the Convention, will be featured in Part 2 later.

But for now, take a gander at what the lucky attendees were able to go home with.  These three are the Convention Models, which paid attendees are able to buy.  There is a limit of two per paid attendee to make sure everyone gets a chance to buy them.  I bought two of each, and am still trying to figure out what to do with the extra carded models.

So should you attend either the Convention in LA or Nationals in the Midwest?  Yeah, I think you should.  There is fun to be had, even if it is just to get the models.  If anything, it is excellent people watching fodder.

(Find the LA Convention Models on ebay...)