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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels 1990 Honda Civic EF Zamac Exclusive...

Lovely lovely Zamacs.

I have said it before, and now is a good time to say it again: I hope the Walmart Zamac exclusives never stop.  Walmart has done quite a few special mainline exclusives in the past, including redline wheels, windshield banners, and special colors, but the Zamacs are by far the best.

They are easily recognizable, and these castings chosen always look cool sans proper clothing.  Plus with 18 produced a year, it is a manageable line to collect.

And the other thing?  They are always a blast to photograph.

And with that all in mind, today we are featuring a very worthy choice for the Zamac line, the 1990 Honda Civic EF.  The little racing Civic looked good in its black, gold, and red duds from earlier this year, but as a Zamac its a star.  The dark and baby blue trim looks great next to the gold lettering, especially over the pointless body.

When you think about the heritage the EF Civic represents, you begin to want to stand out, and here it most certainly does.

Look for it next month...

Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF (2015 Zamac Exclusive):

Monday, April 20, 2015

First Look: Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition 2014 Corvette Stingray...

Man it is nice to be back...

I am sitting here submitting my first Lamley post from the new digs.  I am sitting on temporary furniture, the Lamley Studio is what you might call "makeshift", my entire collection and extras are sitting in a storage unit, and I have have no idea where half my stuff is.  Oh, and moving sucks.  SUCKS.  Even with movers, it sucks.

Nonetheless, we are here, ready to move forward.  And to start the next chapter, why not start with an absolute stunner.

The RLC is on an absolute roll.  After pretty much everything went wrong, and collectors were, for lack of a better term, aggravated, they have returned with a bang.  It seems the production issues have been resolved, and most importantly, Mattel has learned that they should not sell something they don't have in stock.  "Backorder" is a very much a bad word among the RLC set.

So models are rolling off the line, and sales are occurring, and the models are fantastic.  It does without saying that the BRE 240Z was a major highlight, but it seems everything has been selling out since the RLC got going again.  And there are many guaranteed 5-minute sellouts coming, namely the 4x4 Silverado and Candy Striper '55 Gasser.

But the 2014 Corvette Stingray will be interesting.  It seems castings of current cars don't generate as much excitement as classic cars, especially with a $20 price point.  We have heard from many that they might skip this one.

Well, we will say this.  If you were thinking of passing, you may want to rethink.  This model is beautiful.  It is all about the paint.  It seems paint was a big issue in the RLC delays, and maybe it was because they wanted to perfect the mirrored spectraflame we see here.  It it spectraflame on steroids.

Add to it the real riders, the metal base, and a boatload of details, and you have a model that, at least to us, is a no-brainer at $20.

Only 3000 will be available.  Who is in?  Do you think it will sell out?

And by the way, we are enjoying showing the RLC models.  More previews will appear in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, any older RLC models you would like to see here on Lamley?

Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition 2014 Corvette Stingray:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The move is on. Give us the day, and we will give you a lot more soon...

This is us:

Yes, we are moving.  From one city to another.  Out of the suburbs and right into the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah.

So if you don't mind, give us the day.  And we promise to come back better than ever next week.  We have a lot of cool stuff planned for once this long process is moving is over, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, check our Facebook page for some of our favorite articles from the Lamley Archives.  We will post them periodically throughout the weekend.  Should be a fun read.

And before we go, a big thanks to all of you for making this labor of love so much fun.  It started with me sharing a few photos, and it has become so much more.  What you collectors have done for others, including Doug at T-Hunted who had his computer stolen at gunpoint, for Amanda, who is battling MS and still doing all she can to raise funds for MS research, and for little Ethan, who has finally made it home from the hospital after his long battle with a very serious case of pneumonia.  We are asked all the time who the "Group" in "Lamley Group" is.  It is becoming apparent that it is all of you.  Let's keep it up...

Our friend Ethan, getting ready to leave the hospital.

First Look: Matchbox Alfa Romeo 4C...

They're baaaaaaack...

No, not Matchbox.  That "Matchbox is back!" statement gets used a lot every time Matchbox releases something cool.  In all honesty they never did leave, they just hid for a bit.  They've popped up before, getting collectors giddy with models like the Foxbody Mustang Police, just not that often.

What we are talking about is Matchbox Alfa Romeos.  The Alfa 4C marks the first Matchbox Alfa Romeo since the "don't make it a color other than red or white" Giulia Sprint, and it is nice to have Alfa back.  You might remember, a few years ago Alfa Romeo licensors approved the Giulia Sprint for a 2007 release, but when Matchbox tried to do a color other than red or white, the only factory colors offered on that model, Alfa would not grant permission.

Hence, after several red and white versions, Matchbox retired the casting, but it is still fun hunting down those red or white versions you don't have.  (Be careful, some of the differences on them can be quite subtle.)

And as popular and loved as the Giulia Sprint was, it looks like the 4C will match.  It is a fantastic model, full of old-school Matchbox traits: proportioned wheels, accurate lines, front and rear tampos, and a nice stance.  The real 4C is small, quick and gorgeous, and the Matchbox looks the part.

So is Matchbox back?  Who knows, and who cares.  It may not be as frequent as it was a few years ago, but Matchbox is still putting out great models...

We were lucky enough to get this example from Tom at mdcmonline, who has been selling Matchbox for years.  You can find them on eBay or you can email Tom directly to see if he has what you are looking for.

Matchbox Alfa Romeo 4C (2014 New Models):